Ned Huddleston was born into slavery in 1849 and later changed his name to Isom Dart.  As a teenager, he served a group of Confederate officers by cooking for them and nursing their wounds.  When Isom became a free man in 1865, he would travel to Texas, venture into Mexico, steal horses, and bring them back to Texas to sell them.

Isom continued his roguish behavior in Northern Colorado where he took up gambling.  As a result of his gambling, he got into many fights and endured a number of arrests.

Isom later became a bronco rider/buster, but could not manage to stay out of trouble.  In 1875, Isom and a gang of thieves were ambushed by a angry rancher and his men for rustling.  Everyone in the gang except for Isom was killed.

Isom Dart was gunned down in cold-blooded murder at the age of 51 just outside of his cabin in Browns Park, Colorado.  Nobody was ever arrested for Dart’s murder, but the suspect was a gunslinger who supposedly was hired by local ranchers.

Dart’s grave is located in Moffat County, Colorado.